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Getting Kinky With Kinky Malinky

Shooting at the legendary Mata in the O2 Arena was an experience and great to see entirely empty with the full unrestricted run of the place

A friend of mine asked if I could help him out with a small photo shoot and it would be taking place at the O2 Arena. He had a couple of girls and a guy coming down for the shoot. It was a little tongue in cheek but he thought it might be anise day out and earn some readies whilst helping out a buddy!

Not always a good idea, for some reason mates rates always expect a puns and a half of flesh if you get my meaning. I started early in the morning and left very late. The look was meant to be a little sleazy or edgy with a No PR theme. I was shooting this one on my own so the job just seems a little more difficult than usual, however I was please at the images and the result. It was used for branding, and the latest CD cover for the group.

I think it would be a great location to shoot in again but with a high fashion look. There is a lot of raw concrete which really looks cool. Lots of brushed aluminium also which created a good look. In the image above with the cherry the look is very retro. If you could remove the white background you would see Canary Wharf in the background and the river Thames as we shot this outside and is completely lit with sunlight. I found a few white boards and placed the shoot there. I think it works really well. Could be continuous light in a studio, but its not!

A it about Kinky Malinky the Brand

1. The name ‘Kinky Malinki’ was cooked up many moons ago on a wonky evening amongst friends and doesn’t really mean anything. Apparently, ‘Malinki’ means Raspberry in Russian and Polish and that there are some kids books about a cat called Slinki Malinki.

2. Legends within the London clubbing scene, Geddes, Enzo Siragusa and Raymundo Rodriguez have played for Kinky Malinki on many occasions before doing their thing on the underground scene.

3. Kinky Malinki were the first promotion to do an event that had DJs all night with our good friend Greg Stainer. This was held at Zinc (Which had only been open for 1 year) within the Crown Plaza hotel.


james nader advertising photography-mata 2
james nader advertising photography o21

james nader advertising photography o23

have a browse around here, plenty of music online but please come back

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