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Diana – Petra Nemcova



Working with the Super Model that is Petra Nemcova. Petra made the whole shoot run so smoothly. A consummate professional. Location wise the client wanted Stonehenge, Phil set to work liaising with English Heritage to acquire permissions (£1500 for one hour and full Public Liability insurance coverage) and within the hour he’d sealed the deal and we could progress after having picked up Petra from the airport to Stonehenge.,one point in the bag for Teamnader production.
Call time was 05:30, ensuring all members of crew were onsite, and final preps to makeup et al. Phil and I set up, Phil moulded torn cardboard to the tripod and lighting legs and gaffer taped them up (a requirement to ensure we didn’t damage the grass), we scoured for the right angle and soon enough Petra was ready!
I must say I was a little if not a lot apprehensive as I was shooting the famous PETRA NEMCOVA, could I shoot without nerves or messing up? Of course with the support of Phil and some inward mental rebalancing we were ready. The lighting was simple as was the concept although trying to shoot with an imaginary moon in her hand was sounding a little challenging but visualisation is a great thing (No visuals were prepared or shown just hurriedly vocalised!)

PETRA NEMCOVA a Dream to work with

Petra is one of the worlds top models, and you might be inclined to expect an attitude to suit, however that couldn’t be further from the truth she was the most endearing and gracious lady we have worked with. Having seen the images I’d shot in Pula she was more than happy to work with me and teamnader. I had created many great looks with the other models and these had both reassured and inspired her to fly over and become part of the calendar.

How it all mapped out.

The convoy pulled up by chance on the side of the road near to Stonehenge where the hay bales were. The client wanted me to create a Tuscan look which was a tall order as there were no tall cyprus trees, however the permission to shoot granted by the farmer allowed the staging of Diana.

The sun had gone but some interesting cloud formations had appeared and around 9.30am we started to shoot next to one large roll of hay. The team were tired and not many could imagine the completed effect as the client had not provided visuals. It was up to me and the team to visualise this for them.

Petra Nemcova was more than just a professional, her understanding of Diana was important. It needed a strength to the shot. The dress made entirely from pigeon feathers was unusual and striking and really helped ensure the resulting shot was strong. The video below shows me working with her to create a strong and dramatic look turning this into a believable character. Displaying a soft sensuality and a steely stare she looked deadly!

STONEHENGE: The famous landmark agrees to shoot.

In the insert shot below you can see the intimate shoot, close up with the wide angel lens allowed James to work up a great shooting relationship in a relatively short time. Feeling comfortable with the shoot, location and model was key and Petra kept a keen focus and what was needed. She believed totally in the concept and offered her own direction tot he image taking.

Video: The shooting of Diana & Cerridwen

In the video

Petra Nemcova prepares for her shoot and you can see James working up the shot with Teamnader. Phil Connor in control of the output for the Broncolor Move. As the model was moving the lighting sweet spot was the face so Phil kept a cool focus and making sure it hit the spot. Its nice to see the professional Petra nailing the shot each time and her cooperation was fabulous.

james nader petra nemcova


  • Temp: 21c
  • Camera: Hasselblad H4D
  • Lens: Hasselblad 24mm
  • Shutter: 1/350
  • Aperture: F5.6
  • ISO: 50
  • Any Problems: just nervous at shooting Petra!!!


  • Photographer: James Nader
  • Senior Assistant: Phil Connor
  • TeamNader
  • Producer Marco Cormann – Lambertz
  • Styling – Lorand Lajos
  • Makeup – Chris Schild
  • Model: Petra Nemcova


petra by james nader

Petra Nemcova kills this image making it totally believable with her poise and motion. A little enhancement was needed to create the dramatic effect needed for the client and adding a warmer tone to the overall images sets that harvest time look. All post production done by JNP in Photoshop


Some other shots used in the Lambertz Calendar 2014

diana calendar images by james nader





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