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Fine Art – Black & White

Shooting Fine Art Images & Black & White

I grew up photographically on Black & White Photography

My Love of Art Photography had taken a blow. Art Photography had taken a fall in the last 20 years prior to the classics such as Helmut Newton, Why you may ask? well do you remember the chain store ATHENA at one time they were everywhere and with that they purchased images from photographers all over the world and turned them into hi grade posters and poster art. Whilst this was fin at the time and enabled households all over to obtain prints of some super classic images. By the very fact they undermined the perception as photography as art because it all became so accessible. With the invention of the digital rev lotion this has compounded the effect and tend to de value photography as art to some.

Analogue styles are popular  - Process involved handmade and one off

fine art photographer1

Over the last period there has been an upturn is photo Fine Art

I have shot photography as fine art and really not just figures but items and single studies as a form of relaxation or more to the point images that capture my soul. Geological and Architectural work has all been sold via aliases so it has not been apparent to clients unless i wanted them to know, almost a ghost shooter. However I have been gathering speed in relation to resurrecting my Fine Art Photography with a bias in Black and white.

I have done my research

The affordable Art Fair in Battersea and various other exhibitions have been on my radar over the last 6 years I have a better understanding of what is classed as Fine Art Photography. I have been into a few good galleries gaining opinions of curators and artists a like and asked for their conclusions  and ideas on what makes a good photographic fine art piece that is acceptable to be qualified as Fine Art and guess what? it is not what you think? The simplest of shots seem to sell and the more complex don’t. Its pretty much the same on the social networks also. Have you ever posted an image to them thinking this is great, plenty of peopleI will discuss these points in a separate post in a few months time but wanted to stake my claim back into this area


What makes a piece of Work Stand out to a Gallery

Galleries like images that don’t seem to have too much of  focus or entice the viewer to ask questions about the subject such as Why, Who , Where and timeless. This is not always something that can be added during the shoot and has to emerge or be born within the session but creating a super bond with the model. I have been approached by various companies or galleries looking for work from poster work Like International graphics based in Germany Link to samples here or the Trowbridge Gallery on the Kings Road plus personal requests and one super duper request where I have been asked to shoot 12 images with themes to be sold as 2 offs. I am currently evaluation how to go about this and when.

Dital files are also of interest – Emulating is good if you can back it up!

fine art photographer2

My techniques to be employed & subject matter to be agreed

Having specialised in Black & White printing and processing at Uni and in the commercial world for 10 years pre digital i have a flair for art techniques in printing and film types etc. We plan to shoot some of the Fine Art with film, SX70 and other techniques which could be Cyanotypes or Gum Bichromate’s which i specialised in many years ago when i went to RIT in New York for a semester. We already have film cameras from years which include SX70 Land Camera, Bronica ETRS full kit, Kiev 35mm and  soon to be added a Mamiya R7 6X7 kit which can of course be bolted onto a digital leaf back if needs be. It would also be great to maybe. One other camera I have shot with was the Fuji GX617 land camera for some background shots or landscapes for the composites.

I am currently working on collating the ideas for 12 pieces which I will try to get arranged over this next period, but I think it may take some time to realise these ones in particular as they are labour intensive and need a good crew behind them but even if I manage 2-3 that will great images. Terry Rogers is the inspiration and may contain a little more of the model than normal but hey ho after shooting for Lambertz that should not be a problem.


Recent Fine Art Commission ~ Original Contemporary works for leading contemporary Restaurants. Reference Hopper Art

james nader fine art commisssion

james nader fine art commission2

Some other Fine Art Work in Process –  can be seen at this link here

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