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Bowens Litebook Feature

BOWENS & TEAMNADER plan to work on some new Bowens images to promote their new range of lighting. Each shoot will be creative and unusual each demonstrating the use of light.

Over the years I have used a number of lighting brands including ProPhoto, Elinchrom, Broncolour. However as a student I was brought up on Bowens lights, Whilst at Uni this was the stable light source for all photography it was used daily and guess what they worked and worked and worked.

These days we hire in what we need at studios as the hire studio tend to have their own preferred supplier of lights. To me light is light and as long as it is balanced, consistant and reasonably priced i am fine with the brand.We use Bowens on a regular basis when we do our own production. I am not one to get all uptight about a brand and where it is placed in the market.

At some point last year I happened to get into a conversation about lighting on Twitter and one thing led to another and now I am the proud owner of a considerable set of lighting and accessories from Bowens. I am shooting with it all the time and use the LED lighting pretty much most of the time currently.

Some of our shoots in Europe used the Bowens Limelite dimmable LED s in some pretty unusual places. Nader and Bowens are now in the process of working on some material together. We will be shooting some of the creative marketing material over this next 6 months and look forward to the challenge. We are in talks about the content now but pretty much want to get on with it April as this is the start date


Bowens reflect on our latest shoot utilising their supplied lighting featuring NADER in their latest edition of Litebook

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