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Shooting one of the worlds top 2 Calendars

Working with some great girls from top agencies across Europe allowed us to create some super new looks for the website and Portfolio.

On our return form the 12 country tour our Lacie Rugged drives were heaving at the seams with shots and additional footage soon to be converted into super new images for the website and the portfolio. Nader is mid flow in changing the brand, changing the business cards, portfolio and adding into the mix this new blog or magazine style article writing. These picture provided us with 27 days of shots in some fabulous locations. The models used were from all over and included Dita Von Teese, Petra Nemcova, Jackie, Fel Cassielli, Agnes and Sandy. Between them we collected over 1.5 TB of images and 2 TB of video footage of behind the scenes and actual m omen footage.

Most of this footage and imagery has now been converted into the final looks in the website and on this RAZR Mag. The finished images for the client from the shoot was a production headache. The fully completed final images and there were over 16, had taken nearly a month in editing and post production before we had final sign off with the client. To be honest we were still working on updates and changes heading into the Christmas weeks

The models all contributed and had taken direction well. A lot of our shots for the new book were taken outside of the sessions allocated to the client. At the end of each shoot I would book time in with each model to make sure we could create some extra work for me and of course for the models book. All the time we were shooting we also had our film tream capturing as much footage as possible. The shot above of Fel was once such moment and was taken in and around the harbour outside of the Roman Amphitheatre.

We spent an hour walking around and shooting ideas. I would say the only problem doing shoots this way is that you tend to be using models in the outfits available on the day and which are part of the outfits in the main images so they can repeat themselves. I like to shoot anyway as it shows not just the client but also new clients who your mind is working and shows a flow of image. I amused to shooting quickly and nailing the shot so I can always explain the reasons sometimes the model has similar outfits anyway.


If you head over to JAMES NADER. COM then you san see a range of images

Pula Harbour Location

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