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Lord Bath – Queens Cousin

Photographing the Eccentric Queens Cousin

One of those moments that happen along

The opportunity to shoot TV Celebs has been something that sometimes happens along during the course of a years work. Up until now it’s not really something I think about however this year I have decided to make the jump into becoming a little more specialised in the celebrity area of photography seeing as we were also asked to photograph Richard Branson and Mariella Frostrupp, The Saturdays and Michelle Keegan amongst others.

One such opportunity sample this style of photography was when we were asked to work on a commission photographing the Queens Cousin the 7th marquess of Bath for a book cover and personal website for the Marquess. It would involve traveling down at his substantial gaff Longleat. We were up to the challenge and headed of with our team for the day.

Our approach was.

For the shoot there were many outfits we needed to cover so the pressure was on do this quick and effectively as Lord bath is no spring chicken, we had to be aware of his age and flexibility also how tired he could become at certain times of the day. I was under the impression that all shots were to be done around the house of Longleat but as Lord bath had become older he keeps himself to within the boundaries of his large flat within the house.


How it all mapped out on the day.

Having done a Recce on the apartment we had settled on a few key areas that may work but these would be very tight because the main living area was exactly that, a living area. Main areas were cramped so after a consultation with Phil & Paddy it was decided that one simple light diffused would be just perfect, add in a white reflector and the look was complete.

Lunch with The Lord & Lady of the House

We finished shooting and decided we should all break for lunch and the Lords wife gathered us all together and ushered us through the painted rooms and into one of the many dining rooms of Longleat. Here we were all asked to find a place to sit and then the matter of serving lunch would be addressed.

Lunch & an afternoon chat with the Gentry

We all managed to eat a good hearty buffet to be set out by the house staff  and managed by the lady of the house who we wre told could be rather abrupt at times.She had already managed to upset Paddy assistant No.2 on the day. She had asked him to sit down so he could be served but for some reason unknown he could not find a place. It turned out that production had missed one place on the numbers list required by the house and she was absolutely livid stating to paddy and us indirectly,

“This is not a Pub, we need to do things correctly and as we normally do there is such a thing that we adhere to and that is called etiquette. Who is the extra person?” ( Paddy raises his hand )he was then ushered out of the room to find another chair and then a place to sit next to me. We all felt suitable arranged and dealt with!

Once the guys were relaxed and told the story about why and where and what for about the tattoo they readily seemed to embrace the photography and surprisingly took all direction very well.

Lord Bath was very gracious and patient we shot almost 30 images for the book, web and other materials needed but also with a focus on 4-5 key images which would really capture his character and personality. We also had to capture his eccentricity with hats, waistcoats and other items. The whole day was utilised and we finally rolled in to the Safari Park which was closed at around 18.30pm. Unfortunately the park was closed as it was out of season, the free tour therefore did not happen but a good day was had by all.

lord bath  by james nader

james nader shooting lord bath

Lord Bath was certainly a great character and he was a super sport on the day. Some shots from the session – the rest can be seen in the main website

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