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James & Phil – Hintertux

James & Phil on top of the World in Austria ~ The Ice cold slopes and first of many interviews

Part of Teamnader and integral part of the operation for Lambertz, Phil Connor teamed up with me to complete the epic journey thoughout Europe for Lambertz who are locatedin Aachen Germany. It was a surprise booking from a European client but apparently we had been on their radar a while since we added in the Composite and CGI section to the website late last year. “we loved the way you mixed landscape , shape and model form to create unique composites” (Marco Cormann- producer Lambertz)

Hintertux is where we started to shoot the initial images for the campaign but as you can see in the image Phil and I are really loving the location. Although chilly it was sunny and warm at that time in August however in some of the shots you can really see how quick the weather changed. The only problem was at the top of the mountain there wasn’t any toilets and if you needed to go then it was a half our round trip back to the next station by cable car. Not sure how that all worked if you were a little short?



We were on and off the slope over 4 days and stayed in the centre of Mayerhoffen in Austria about 14 km to the slopes. In the picture you can see me introducing Phil to the TV camera who were reporting on the shoot at various locations for the German publicity machine.

I had to do 18 interviews for the tour and it pushed me to speak in a reasonable coherent manner to the cameras which is something i have done a little of for Channel for for the Gadget Show and How to Look Good Naked when i managed 7 shows as the resident photographer.

The shoot went well and we have some superb shots from this particular location of which there were a further 9 to complete. One of the most demanding was the ice cave which was wet, cold and a possible accident waiting to happen in fact Health & Safety UK would be not happy as to how we worked or where? if you watch the video you can see exactly what I mean.


More from the shoot and plenty of behind the scene videos in the rest of this Magazine in Behind the scenes, Videos and the Project section where Lambertz images and complete story for each image are located.



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