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Hasselblad Presentation at UK Photo Show

hasselblad talk
Well this was the first time that I had actually stepped up to the plate so to speak, Nervous wasn’t the word i was thinking about, but yes i managed and delivered a 45 minute presentation about the recent commission for Lambertz Fine Art Calendar 2014 . I presented  on the Hasselblad stand this last Tuesday at the NEC at the UK Photography Show.



I have always managed not to actually get to this point (presenting) as i think it is best served by those who do it well. but I must admit after battling with the thought and having gone through the process I feel that it may be something that I wished to engage with again at some point. The preparation was mind blowing even though I had lived though the project i still found it difficult to relay this into KeyNote. The fact of the matter is it all worked and was well accepted, I even managed a round of applause form the crowd which without out exaggerating was around 60-90 people art the stand or watching the monitors in the isles (Maybe a little less:} )

All i can say is  its a good job that I had 9 minutes of video into the mix to create a lively presentation. The guys from Hasselblad were very gracious however i did suggest  i would like to do another either later that day or next year. We shall have to wait to see if they take me up on the offer.


Standing on stage for Hasselblad at the NEC talking to 60+ people was a little nerve racking, to be honest i loved it and wouldn’t mind doing it again quite soon.

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