Morocco Recce: Days in the Wilderness

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Morocco Recce: Days in the Wilderness


I have worked In Morocco for two clients over the years. I was lucky enough to do a 2 week shoot in various locations of Morocco from the middle right down to the Wetern Sahara, shooting in Zagora. Belwo are some of the images which were taken on polaroid as a location finder recce in advance of the team arriving.

The campaign was for Ciro Citterio Menswear which is no longer around, Whilst doing thislocation recce or location scouting I managed to snap a few of my own images also. All the pictures below are shot on film and Bronica ETRS. 

Recce location hunting is really exciting in unsual and interesting locations and countries. You do have to be aware that these days it can be   little unsafe in such countries and I would always  advise paying for the local guide to loook after you and to negotiate the pitfalls of working  on location

This is a little story about My trip to Morocco and the Zagora Desert in the Western Sahara and part of Morocco.


morocco trip

A couple of Camera lovers


One of the landscape area we utilised en route to Zagora in the south


Washing Day! This was in an area called Monkeys Fingers seen in background


Our journey would take us right down to Zagora by way of  Ouarzazate which is famous for the films such as Indiana Jones and The Mummy which are shot on location there. Its booked out by many film companies worldwide and it was a this point that it was considered best to stay over night at the Hotel Mercure. Luxury in the desert.  I had been here prior to this as I had been on a fashion shoot for a menswear company n the past and had also stayed here. Luxury was the key

I have done my research

All the way along were were looking for great landscapes and anything else which could be needed. I suppose really this would be considered a right Jolly.  A 14 day location shoot with out models:}  Plenty of food and I would recommend Chicken Tagine as the food is cremated in a way that will kill off and germs etc. I had  learned this from my previous experience on the menswear shoot where we all ate fresh fried chicken and salad and struggled for days afterwards looking for the nearest loo.  A few beers later and on route to Zagora as the song from Loose Ends Suggests we were eating up the miles.  After a day or so of fabulous countryside we eventually end up near to the Western Sahara and the final destination for landscapes and background images.

What makes a piece of Work Stand out to a Gallery

Galleries like images that don’t seem to have too much of  focus or entice the viewer to ask questions about the subject such as Why, Who , Where and timeless. This is not always something that can be added during the shoot and has to emerge or be born within the session but creating a super bond with the model. I have been approached by various companies or galleries looking for work from poster work Like International graphics based in Germany Link to samples here or the Trowbridge Gallery on the Kings Road plus personal requests and one super duper request where I have been asked to shoot 12 images with themes to be sold as 2 offs. I am currently evaluation how to go about this and when.


 Nice respite as we ate lamb and salad ~ should have stuck with Tagine UUgh


I had decided to shoot Polaroid as my own picture collection and these images or some of them any way are featured below. The whole trip meant a lot of driving and we had taken a guide for safety, at some parts of the journey there were checkpoints but also at this time in the world you can’t be too careful. We had shot all of the landscapes on the Fuji 617 film camera and all on Fujichrome and not in digital format.

Some of my own images were used as fine art posters and background shots for some composites, plus we syndicated them out for Alamy and other slide libraries to try and recoup some of the costs. culturally we learned a lo, experienced a new way of life in an extraordinary  country. experiencing the basics but also some luxury, for me there is no comparison for the natural beauty that is Morocco. Its timeless and retains its unique style of history ancient and new mixed with the modern lifestyles such as Marrakech it will always be somewhere i would like to return for some more fishing!!

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