JAMES NADER Website gets an Update – 2019

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JAMES NADER Website gets an Update – 2019

The James Nader website gets Global

After much deliberation the new site was live and full  of content but 2019 sees a complete update to this post so see the updated post for 2019,

It has taken some time due to the very fact that the main website has been with us for 6 years and with some nifty SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) it has been at position number 1 on Google for 12 years and that is for the search term Fashion Photographer UK. This has brought in many worldwide enquiries and how I can shoot such a varied amount of work. In fact the last massive contract was to shoot for 27 days for Lambertz and this commission came in from the website. Major brands when looking to book outside of agents seem to come knocking on the door.

The major problem with updating the last website was mainly due to having such good SEO and many back links that are of value. we had many consultations with various web companies but finally we opted for this version, the old site is still there but hidden very low down and with script but essentially it is still visible to Google ranking. The new site is a share between KROP website hosting with themed templates and the blog which is self hosted really we had to make an ultimate decision to mix and match.

Photoshelter websites are the most well known and previously I would not have used them, however their new Beam allows of my layout in a waterfall style which I like. It delivers well to clients also via an internal FTP and client management area. It really powerful and is helping us in our marketing now. Its refreshing seeing your images full screen and with white space and knowing that you are not always responsible for server side.

Clients also have the option of creating their own light boxes and downloading low res images directly and I think now I have mastered how to deliver the video within it with some nifty HTML coding. This video area has a content but mainly form the locations shoots< however we are to shoot some filmic style shoots this spring starting at Dungeness. I don’t think I have any plans to change again in the near future and as you are aware we have now sent live the RZR MAG my blot for now but with plans for an iPad mag at some point. I have also released by Nader diary which is a photo diary with content I shoot around family and weekend exploits etc. It offers a completely different view of photography by me and more observational and less contrived.

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