by James Nader


“I have always wanted to create a set of workshops and Learning experiences for Photographers, offering the opportunity for photographers to learn with me. Too many unassuming images are out there for all to see. I plan to share my style and vision with you sharing not just experiences but online learning for Photography, Photoshop, Lighting and Video, Grading of images and video and The Business of Photography.”

Too many fashion images are so similar in both look and style with no real difference between them apart from the clothing. It is important to me rediscover the quality of image from the days of classic Italian Vogue, Harpers etc shot with the great photographers and models. It is those images which are now revered as fine art and this is where our workshops in photography are aimed towards. Classy styled images which are going to be seen time after time but still needed in todays modern magazine submissions.

This section called “LEARN” will develop into a photographers resource not only sharing the everyday on the blog but also here specific video content which will help you the photographer to follow the create route more effectively and achieve your own goals.

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