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Producing a photographer’s blog or photography blog finally has enabled me to share some of my photographic techniques and client shoots, sharing actual technical setups of the shoots.  Blogging has allowed me to write about my photography inspiration, experience advice and professional knowledge with a focus on all things creative on a photoshoot.

The Reasons why blogging is now Important For me, it allows a creative voice outside of my actual work giving access to other creatives who share an interest in my passion photography? Little by little, I share my knowledge gained not just in photography but, studio and location lighting, post-production and building websites with perfect SEO. Other creatives will also be invited to share their content through interviews and portfolio reviews.

This content is updated regularly with Journals every week in the journal section, and if you sign up, I will give you my free 31 tips on how to run your photography business successfully in 2020.


The Awesome Photographers Elevator Pitch - What is it?

This month we are giving away a few resources. This photographers PowerPoint presenter template has been created by our team and free for anyone to download and customise it to fit in with their own branding and portfolio. It’s completely free without registering.

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The Awesome Photographers Elevator Pitch - What is it?

Your elevator pitch should last no longer than a short elevator ride of 20 to 30 seconds, hence the name. Your pitch should be interesting, memorable, and succinct. It should also mention what you do and for whom. We tell you more…

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We Experimented Using a Projector as a Light Source

photographers blog - projector lighting

Projector Lighting – Using a projector as a light source can create an unusual effective in images, projecting patterns and shapes onto the model can produce some interesting graphical images. We will give you all the information you need to get going.

New Post 20-08-20

Photographers, Are The New Art Directors Aren't They?

fashion photographers blog silvergumtype james nader

As times change, Photographers are covering more aspects of the profession. From creative direction and art direction, its obvious clients are expecting more from their commissions including video…

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12500ft High, Thin Air & Water Everywhere!

“Photography sometimes provides a challenge, it offers a chance to work in challenging locations, facing extreme weather and circumstance, and I have learned to control this in my workflow.”

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Why do we Shoot Behind the Scenes Photography?

fashion photographers blog - photographers blog - fashion photographer uk

The most important point, know When to Be Invisible which is the common mistake photographers make when shooting behind the scenes being invisible to the talent is key.

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black and white conversions in photoshop

Awesome Black & White

Desaturation is not the way for an effective Black and White conversion
Having been initially a monochrome photographer processing my negatives and client prints. I have learned a few interesting techniques utilising a range of today’s software. This article runs you through some very basics which will apply to Camera Raw in Photoshop, Lightroom, Silver Efex, Tonality and Luminar

Photographer Blog James Nader Fashion Photogrpaher UK- fine art photographer

An Englishman in Manchester

Manchester shoot street photography allows me to find a chance at some Fine Art Photography with an “Englishman in Manchester”

Photographer Blog James Nader Fashion Photogrpaher UK 3- fine art photographer

Adornments and Tattoos

“Vibrant Red hair, striking red ear hoops, eccentric tattoo art and to cap it all pointy things in her mouth with studs on her nose.”

Burlesque in Piccadilly

James when was the last time you shot any real people and away from your own comfort zones James”?… So here we go again find my preferred way!

Developing Your Own
Photographic Personality

Developing your own style and workflow can be a challenge. I have been through this process quite a few times in my career, and recently about a year ago I hit the wall once again; I realised being everything to everyone had exhausted my creative flow. Social media was driving my creative vision and rarely would I divulge my photographic inspirations and abilities for the shame of not being that true fashion photographer. 2020 has seen me begin to show the real creativity in me.

Photographers Blog

Dynamic Tips for Monochrome

Magazine style black and white photography and beautiful images processed in Lightroom and the Adobe Photoshop darkroom – Notable Apps and plugins get a mention too!

Shooting Fashion on Location - Tips

It’s important to work with the Creative Directors’ vision for the client. You must make changes quickly on the fly bringing your creative team on board with your changes. Sell them the vision.

Shooting the Floating Lady

Shooting the Floating Lady, Creative Photography concpet with a Client’s conceptual vision expectations and a producer’s visual set in stone on a mood board back in the office can set you up for failure on location.

Street Life!

Street Casting is the process whereby production houses or in this case me, go into an area or location where there is a requirement for a specific type of artist for a brief. I had one now.

Individual Empowerment

A street casting with the subject of Tattoo and Adorments. A pure gamble capturing a subject outside of my usual comfort zone, to show photography is being able to photograph with light, shape and composition.

The price of fame

What is the price of fame nowadays especially for a model or actor? I“Getting yourself a stylist these days is virtually impossible”A model’sor actors’ investment in themselves is a costly thing.

The Day I used a Real Camera

Water has always been of particular interest for me ever since I was pulled up from the bottom of a pool, my stomach pumped and with all the fight of life in me gone in fact life almost gone, I had given up! Water now is like a magnet for me

My Alternative Iceland

27 people in our production crew and just 2 double rooms in our way out cabin, honestly what are you thinking about and why?. Cost saving costs crew!!! he had left the message asking if I would like to fly to Iceland on a 21-day shoot next month!

street photography - shooting from the hip

Shooting from the hip!

Beach Photography, can this be classed the same or similar to Street Photography or is there less skill needed to accomplish this.? Ok so one difference is everyones wobbly bits on show

Crude So Photorealistic

I can work with a vast range of  photo lighting and light quality, mixing and matching but overall creating my own particular style of light. I can also replicate this style in Film lights, Arri lights, Flash

Capturing Canarians for Cash

Travelling anywhere these days for me, is all about maximising the true potential of any opportunity , but also looking at any other potentials hidden within searching out hidden opportunities is a must.

Plitvice Croatia - Sirona Composite

Sandy had just won the German version of Germany’s Top Model this shot was a filler shot for the calendar however I love this ans spent a little more time on the finished image. The background was shot in the superb lakes of Croatia.

My First Shots with a Fuji

So we found over 24 fabulous shooting locations in Iceland, We know this as I was given the task to create 24 spectacular stand-alone images for the Lambertz Calendar and we visited these plus many more.

Shooting 12,500ft and out of Air!

Logistically challenging trips in the mountain with the kit. Three cable cars would carry us to the top but the problem being the time getting there and setting up. Recce day cold and  very misty with cloudy.

iPhone Mother of Invention

The hip name for using your iPhone and being a photographer is “iPhoneographer or phonography“ “I have been using the iPhone for all types of captures from recce work with clients to my own studies.”

Petzval Lomography lends test

Vintage paraphernalia perfect for your swirly Bokeh. Recently put the PETZVAL lens though its paces for Lomography UK whilst on location in Cumbria in the Lake District UK.

fashion photographers blog James Nader Fashion Photographer-

Archive Blog Posts

All Blog Posts This link takes you to the full set of posts on many aspects of my work over this last few years, from lighting to processing and from locations to studio. See which one of the posts resonates with you and your photography.

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behind the scenes fashion shoot - working on location james nader fashion photographer

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes is now pretty much part of any photography shoot.  following this link takes you directly to a page that discusses some of the location shoots that I have been lucky to work on. Follow the link to see more.

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