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2019 has seen me really dive into YouTube, at the moment I am trying to post at leat once every 1-2 weeks. We have a shooting and content plan and already have the below video in the bag. I am working with a small team of creatives Paul and Dean who are helping to pull this all together. It will of course take just a little time for me to get comfortable in front of the camera and to make sure that our video content is interesting and engaging. Would be happy if you did like or subscribe my channel as it will help us grow it into a nice resource for photographers to enjoy and learn from me and what I do.

FUJIFILM GFX50S on location Iceland

Shooting in Iceland with the Fujifilm GFX 50S: was a magical but challenging shoot but here I give some quick intel on the Fujifilm GFX50s Medium Format camera and how it helped capture the Fine Art images for the Lambertz 2019 Calendar entitled “PURE” The Fuji GFX50s has out performed the Hasselblad I used on the previous shoots and proved invaluable during the duration of the Iceland photography and Iceland trip.

The Puppet in Pink – Composite Photography Silk Heaven fashion shoot

The video entitled The Puppet is an interesting fashion shoot with me with a firm avantgarde look. The extreme look was fashioned by the client for a campaign which would stand out and bring attention fo their printed silks. In this video you can see how I work with the model to shoot this look. The lighting used was very simple one light fashion photography, you can learn photography and learn lighting by watching this simple behind the scenes video .

99 Red Balloons, Ice and Kerid the Crater – Iceland

Using the Fujifilm GFX50S part of the new @Fujifilm_uk camera line up, I was able to capture the wonderful @larissa.kerner who is the daughter of the famous singer Nena @nena_official_insta from 99 Red Balloons fame. Challenging weather made it quite difficult to achieve the looks required over the two days. Gales, Rain, Sleet and Snow made these days super complicated and the video shows how we overcame the conditions.

Inside the Ice mountain – Hintertux, Austrian location fashion shoot

As I really love to shoot outdoors in a location, when asked to shoot a campaign in 12 countries over 29 days, I had to just jump at this chance and in this video I create the Ice Queen at 12500 ft inside the frozen glacier of Hintertux in Austria. Freezing cold and damp we light the whole image with just one simple £25 LED portable light and a timed exposure.

Make your images glow with a Californian flash light control

When the light goes grey and flat what’s the best way to get the californian sun glow without flying to LA? I show you how I used a light control shim to funnel the light and create an intensity to the pictures, also using the Bowens creosoting 1200 pack and heads and the portable batter packs.

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