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So Fashion Photographers Blog James Nader is finally on YouTube, I have been asked many times to show and tell exactly what you do and how you do it, really putting a face to the name and the photography. Although it’s been a slow start we are gaining ground. Interest is growing in the fact that It’s James up close and personal. A tough gig for anyone really apart from the seasoned pro presenters on YouTube such as Casey Neistat and Peter McKinnon.

Creating YouTube Photographers content on a regular basis seems to be the best way to get noticed but at Team Nader we think to show the real person behind the brand that is James Nader, is a golden opportunity for any photographer wanting to know how the fashion industry and being a photographer works. How are shoots crafted, behind the scenes of some large shoots and of course the funny moments?

Of course, I have more to offer a photographer and over the years created many pieces of work for various campaigns. I have been the creative director in my own creative agency for over 10 years which emplou=yed 17 people at one time and although that is behind me now, I still run a production company that helps me and my team create shoots for clients. The YouTube channel will be a great way for anyone interesting in photography or running a business in photography to get some interesting content and techniques for the process of shooting for clients and running your own business as a photographer.

The content for the channel has been written down as a list to work from but I will have to fit this in between working and shooting. The process should be interesting and I will be letting you in on the secrets of my retouching, lighting, and post-production so if you are interested sign up to my channel and get regular updates. Subscribe and ring the bell as they say 🙂

If you would like to see more of the YouTube then follow this link


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