Vive La France

by Team Nader
Vive La France


Street photography is a hip name for some simple approach photography right now. Most new camera owners decide on this genre, based on the fact it’s one of the easiest styles of photography to start off with. Why? mainly as you can walk down any high street and give it a go. Get a small camera and a lens or two and you’re in business. I have even done a street photoshoot in and around the Barbican celebrating the Brutalist architecture which is all around.

“Street photography, also sometimes called candid photography, is photography conducted for art or enquiry that features unmediated chance encounters and random incidents within public places.”

Street style photography is now so fashionable that you see many people on YouTube selling courses and experiences and really teaching their own style of street photography. Of course, the skill here is studying the location and picking your moment of when to snap your image and with some great post-production, you have some interesting work to show. I know that I may get some flack here but not really saleable to agencies or production as you have the issue of rights to the images and usage.

“Street photography at the next level, does need a little more experience or confidence in approach if you want to get up close and personal with your intended subject. Utilising a raft of techniques from Money to coercion is often the practice but some sweet-talking can also work. “


Whilst out and about on go sees to potential clients, I happened across the French tourists celebrating the rugby bit had all stopped for while to view a few street artists. I was particularly interested in the Punk hair. A throwback to the heady days of UK Punk ( not my thing but appreciate the music now) The guys and everyone else had a focus in the distance and I couldn’t quite see but for some reason,

I pulled out my smartphone and decided to document the crowd

As I was capturing, I realised that the people were not intimidated by the smartphone. In fact, they even played to the device as you can see with the guy and his tongue.

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