Podcast Interview with James Nader & Podlamania – How It all happens!

by Team Nader
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Podcasting and generally having a chat about what I do as a photographer is a thought I have had for some time but really hid away from the process this based on how I feel listening to me and the sound of my voice.

Finally, after months of courting by podcast producer Wayne Johns @waynejohns_photographer for Podlamania, I opened up the extensive databases of photographers knowledge gained of this last 20 odd years in the business, and in my soft Midlands accent, we delved deep into my psyche whilst Wayne asked some searching questions followed by his famous quick-fire round of on the spot questioning.

I kinda liked the feeling of having a discussion where you are not the instigator and led by someone who was obviously very good at what they do. Wayne is a great photographer himself and works together with Jake Hicks on Podlamania.

After listening to this epic podcast. First, I felt slightly uneasy about listening to my dulcet tones, however once acclimatised it seemed ok! has inspiring me to do something somewhat similar for myself and also open up to some direct Zoom or Facebook Live live. Let me know if you would like to hear more of me 🙂

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