Awesome Photographers Elevator Pitch

by Team Nader

What is the famous elevator pitch – (noun INFORMAL)
A succinct and persuasive sales pitch.

An elevator pitch is a conversation between you and another person when they ask what do you do? To visualise this the best way, imagine you are in a lift travelling between floors and the person next to you ask the question. It’s important these days to have one, particularly as the other person could be a potential client or link to a client and some work.

It should lead to a deeper dialogue about what you do, where you do it and for who. What does your company can offer? The reality typically you may have just 60 seconds to leave an exciting, impactful and meaningful impression with whomever you come in contact with. So make them count.

Keeping it short and sweet, summing it all up within 2-3 sentences if possible. Instead of focusing on YOU and what you DO, talk about who you serve and how you serve them. How do you do this? Let’s walk through it.

There is no tool better to market yourself other than the elevator pitch. No matter your style, you will always need to be able to sell yourself, your idea, your product or your business at a moment’s notice. That means an elevator pitch, so named because it should tell your would-be client everything they need to know in the 30 seconds or so that they may be riding up an elevator with you.

Crafting the best elevator pitch possible can be tricky. You may bump into someone at a social function, on the train, or, quite literally, in an elevator and need to be able to make your elevator pitch to them there and then. The need to know your business offering inside and out is the best foot forward.

Your elevator pitch needs to be well-rehearsed and field-tested without being so rigid as not to allow you to adjust on the fly based on your contact’s response. It needs to get immediately to the point while still allowing you to build a narrative. It needs to be so compelling that your contact will want to know more and yet clear enough that they understand the idea then and there. Crafting your best elevator pitch may take you longer than you think, especially when you sit down and begin thinking about it, but it’s well worth your work in creating it because you just never know when the next job is popping along.

Here are some pointers to help you craft yours

1.)  Create connection:
2.)  Establish credibility:
3.)  Leave them wanting more.
4.)  Give them an invitation
5.)  Do not defend

1. Start by introducing yourself
2. Summarize what you do
3. Explain what you want
4. Finish with a call to action

Avoid common mistakes in your elevator pitch

Speak naturally
Slow it down
Use one pitch for most (but not all) occasions
Make it easy to understand

Hi, I’m James, so nice to meet you! I’m a Fashion & Advertising Photographer., I produce high-end content as a Director and Photography for discerning clients who wish for a slightly different approach to their productions. Before that, I was a creative director in a new media agency building brands with online and offline marketing solutions and helping to grow their businesses. ”

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