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Free Model Mood Board Template.

This template is perfect for assigning a model to the location recce images. This free template is available for FREE and is the actual template I used on my Iceland PURE campaign.

I would use this only once I have done the initial recce and then use the model’s agency pictures to assign them to the actual location sots we had taken before the models arriving at the location. This template was significant for two reasons.

It allows you to visualise the correct model for the right location and the proper clothing. The Stylist would work with the crew and me to determine the complete look. Secondly, on this type of location shoot, the actual client is not with you at the location and was very important to send these back to visualise the overall look and feel to the shoot days.

This template is a layered Photoshop PSD file and allows you to substitute my details for your own. Images can be laid under the white boarders and above the grey layer and will display the same. Edit the template as it suits your shooting and clients.

I hoe this helps you and gives your a little more business curb side appeal.

free mood baord templates psd files - photographers blog
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