Goodlight Magazine Article

by Team Nader
Goodlight Magazine Article

Search Engine Optimisation for Photographers

Earlier in the year and during the lockdown period 1. I was asked my online magazine for Photographers Goodlight Magazine if I would write an article around my successes for being listed in prime positions within the Google network and pages. These page listings and keywords over the years have allowed me to book work directly and for a vast array of clients allowing me to work when others don’t.

Previously I was the founder and co-owner of a web and interactive company and employed over 15 people who worked within multimedia and web. We had a special set of hand-coding web developers, and that is where I learned my craft of SEO and placement.

My article is in issue 82 and available with the magazine here, or you can read just my article here as it appeared or here in the fullest form here as a full download.

The process normally is straight forward but you can run into complications when using a third party online portfolio hosting company such as Squarespace and Photo-shelter. My experience with these and others (as I have tried all of them over the years. They have limited options for SEO and offer small areas to build in the keywords, however, it is NOT just about keywords.

Alt tags and Title tags of your images also play a role with one of the best options being a blog. This would. Be best on a WordPress platform, and many of my websites are processed and delivered via WordPress. The reason as WordPress was originally a blogging platform; Google really loves this, and with effectively-written blog posts and keyworded text and Alt tags (Alternative) the blog post can be listed on Goggle within a week or so. My blog is WordPress, and I host this on private suppliers such as Fasthosts or Namecheap.

For those who may be interested in the whole process of setting up a blog and hosting with the installation of a theme and content layout with optimisation. There will be a full course available to sign up for in the New Year sometime. I will post and update my members when this is ready.
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