Fashion Photographers Blog for photographers who like to know more about the process of photography and fashion lighting with models but also the stories that go along with them.

Being very fortunate in my professional fashion photographers life, people have trusted me to tell their stories. The most precious lesson I’ve learned along the way is that people really do make the world go round – I have been involved with the Creative Industries for some time and started in the very beginning shooting, processing and printing my own monochrome negatives slides and prints.  I loved the process of crafting and shooting with Polaroid and print. My modern darkroom being Photoshop and various software and digital cameras.

Working for many diverse clients over the years and in super locations, I feel its a great time to let down the guard and do a little more show and tell and inspire others back into the original world of creative photography and show that it still can pay and earn you a great living. With that in mind I created this blog to help and inspire other photogrpahers who are starting their own photographic journey. I am here to help and inspire others to follow their creativity in photography. I hope to give you an insight with this blog, YouTube and my other social media.

I regularly share tips and insights into what I have been shooting. I will be adding interviews and deeper insights into working as a fashion and advertising photographer an sharing a deeper knowledge and understanding of how it all works in our new MEMBERS section being built right now.

Join me on any and say hello 🙂  or view my fashion website www.jamesnader.com or even my production website www.nadermedia.com

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