CREATIVE – Content Production

Nader Media is a brand of James Nader Productions and we shoot creative content for brands, clients or agencies using video and stills. We maximise a clients potential in digital asset production such as photography and video and offer a comprehensive marketing solution without the associated costs of using the traditional marketing agencies and agents.

We Work for clients in a transparent way and with realistic budgets and are able to stay in control of the whole production process from the creative concept, booking models and production right through to professional asset delivery with super efficient workflow.


CREATIVE Production - Photography & Video

  • FASHION – Lifestyle Fashion

    Authentic and believable lifestyle content models and real people .

  • FASHION – Studio Beauty

    Studio photography,casting and production.

  • FASHION – Fashion Product

    Location or studio concept creation & delivery.

  • FASHION – Fashion Lookbooks

    New range fashion and start-up fashion lookbooks.